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  • Our Emergency Electrician Services

    Is there anything worse than that feeling of being completely helpless? Most homes and commercial buildings rely on electricity every hour of the day and when things go wrong, the Ghostbusters might not be much help. You know who would be, however? Our team right here at The Melbourne Electrician of course!

    One of our most popular features is our emergency electrician service. As you might have guessed from the name, this service is ideal for those of you that are facing… you guessed it… an emergency or urgent requirement. Our electricians are available 24 hours a day and whether you’re facing an alarm system failure, the aftermath of a break-in, or any electricity-related concern, we can help.

    How do our emergency services work?

    Let’s imagine that you’ve turned up at your store to find the alarm system damaged by burglars. You’ve called the police, but how can you make sure that your defenses are updated and back on track? With one of our emergency electricians, of course! And what if you’re just about to give a speech in a huge hall, when the power goes out? We can help with this, too.

    Our urgent call out services are ideal for anyone that’s facing an electricity related concern. If damage has occurred, we can visit your property and take care of the incident to minimise your risk

    If you’ve suffered a power outage, we can help with these incidents as well. In fact no matter the size of the emergency; from being unable to boil the kettle before work to coming face to face with a sparking cable, we can have one of our electricians with you as quickly as possible – and before long, we’ll have things back on track.

    The best way to get in touch with our team is by calling or emailing, so why not do so right now? If you’re facing an electrical emergency then don’t delay – we are right here to help and want nothing more than to do so now.