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    If you’ve never heard of test tagging before, the chances are that you might be on the wrong page! For those of you that work with electronic appliances, devices and gizmos however, you will undoubtedly understand the importance of properly testing (and then tagging) these types of gadgets.

    The act of testing and tagging has been around for a couple of decades now and unless a device is able to demonstrate that it’s been checked for quality, reliability and performance, it won’t be allowed to be sold within the Aussie market. That’s a pretty big deal for the suppliers and manufacturers out there and that’s where our T&T services come in handy.

    What do our services involve?

    The first thing that we’ll do is pull out a few of our own gadgets to test the current and power within a device. We’ll take a look at the appliance on the outside as well as internally – just to make sure that everything appears to be in order. If we spot any issues, we will make a note and then report back to them when it comes to finalising our tests.

    With the initial testing phase taken care of, we’ll either consider the evaluation a pass or a fail. In the former instance we will then tag the device to show that all is well. If it fails then you have two options – a quick spot of maintenance, or a visit to the factory

    It really is as simple as that. There’s no telling how many devices, appliances and electrical goods we’ve checked over the years, but we can safely say that with our services, Melbourne is quickly becoming a safer place. Why leave the functionality of your device to chance? It’s not just manufacturers that we can help, either.

    We can also help those of you that have your own devices that you’d like tested for responsiveness and functionality. We do all of this with a smile, so why not get in touch today to learn more, or to hire our team?